Our vision is to develop a new in-town neighborhood that is woven into the greater traditional fabric of Fairhope and the Eastern Shore.  We don't want to 'theme' our neighborhood or 'brand' a particular home-style, but by working with our homeowners and builders we want to create a sense of place for families to interact, celebrate and enjoy our special place on the Gulf Coast. Our Neighborhood Patter Guide will held you find or develop a home plan that will fit the goal of creating a neighborhood that belongs on Mobile Bay. 

Pattern Guide

Essential elements of the Coastal Cottage Style
Deep, airy porches
High ceiling to promote natural air flow
Elevated first floor
Large symmetrical windows with operable shutters

Essential Elements of the Acadian-Creole Style
Large one and two story porches
High ceiling with vertically balanced column bays and wall openings
French doors and full length windows on the ground floor with high shutters
First floors elevated above ground

Essential Elements of the Classical Style
Simple volumes with side wings and porches added to make more elaborate shapes
Symmetrical structure of doors and windows
Simplified versions of Classical details and columns, often with robust and
exotic Classical orders such as Ionic and Corinthian used in the porch element
Multi-pane windows that are more broad in proportion, usually with 6 over or 9 over 9 pane patterns

Essential Elements of the Victorian Style
Pronounced porch elements
Cut wood decoration, influenced by natural forms such as leaves and vines, or turned ornate millwork
Wood clapboard siding
Vertically balanced windows and doors

Essential Elements of the Arts and Crafts Style
Shallow-pitched roofs with wide overhangs
Deep, broad porch components with ornamental structural elements
Distinct structural elements such as rafters, brackets and columns
A blend of materials such as brick, shingles and siding
Varying window and door formations
Rich colors with contrasting trim


Architectural Requirements

  • Minimum finished floor elevations - 24" above grade
  • 2,100sf minimum heated / cooled living space
  • The primary structure is to be located at the front build-to line where possible
  • Front porches are required to be a minimum of 8' deep.
  • Wooden fences are encouraged at the property lines, but not required
  • Garage doors must be covered. 

Municipal Services

  • Water, Gas, Electricity, Gravity Sewer and Trash Pick-Up provided by the City of Fairhope
  • Cable / High Speed Internet by Mediacom
  • Telephone / High Speed Internet by AT&T
  • Deeded, not 'Colony Property'
  • Fairhope Public Schools District 

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